Becoming a Doula

My daughter was born during a natural childbirth in February 1985 after 13 hours of labor. My son was born in 1990 in January during the super bowl playoffs (while my doctor and husband kept glancing at the TV). That labor was much shorter but also I used the breathing and pushing method. I now have 6 grand children and have been present for the two births of my daughter.

This year in late February, I took a 36-hour intense training course to become a Doula. Why? With a background in family and child development it pairs well since I know a great deal about children’s development after they are born. But I also wanted to learn more about the postpartum part that women face after the birth. For many it is not all smiles and glam!

For my daughter, it was not smiles at all. The baby cried a great deal, she was managing a family, working full time in a new city, and her hormones were more out of balance than even she knew. Even getting out the door to go to day care in the mornings was a struggle. We encouraged her to get counseling but she felt there was not one extra minute in the day and also she was not one to take medications for anxiety and depression, She kept saying she would handle it on her own.

In stress, there is an actual progression and at some point there is a “tipping point.” The tipping point is what lands on top of the pile-up of all other life events. It could even be a small thing like breaking a dish or forgetting a pot on the stove. Her tipping point came June 20, 2020. Amidst a pandemic and her in postpartum depressed state, she ended her life. It to my beautiful daughter, Whitney, that I dedicate my time and service to moms to come.

As of today, I have no clients. This is my first blog but I want to listen to your birth expectations, dreams and fears. If you are well-prepared for “Baby day” then the experience should being you the greatest joy ever! Let me know if I can be of service. (Photo of Whitney Age 4)

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